the regiment

our role

Scotland’s Light Cavalry, readily employable, rapidly deployable.

Our vehicle has changed but our role is similar.

The Regiment has changed from horseback to mounted in Jackal as a Light Cavalry Regiment in 51st Infantry Brigade, as part of 1 UK Division.

Light Cavalry specialises in mounted and dismounted reconnaissance which includes scouting for information about the enemy and engaging enemy targets.

We operate as the eyes and ears for follow up forces.

Operating off Jackal gives us great manoeuvrability with Squadrons able to operate independently at ranges over 500Km. We maintain key lethality with organic Sniper and Javelin capabilities, ensuring we can perform our role in “closing with and destroying the enemy”.

Our soldiers specialise in locating the enemy and passing on key information to our follow on forces. Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) is one of the many actions we our able to perform to shape the decisions made on the battlefield.

precision marksmen

Snipers form a key component of the light cavalry role. They operate in 2-man teams, made up of a shooter armed with the L115A3 rifle and a spotter..The L115A3 is a bolt-action weapon, using 338 Lapua ammunition, with an effective range of over 1000m depending  on the skill of the shooter. Snipers have to become masters at concealment, navigation, reconnaissance, marksmanship and observation.

Lethal firers

Our Javelin operators are masters of many different skills. Often operating independently of our main forces, they are trained experts in target acquisition, vehicle recognition and are physically robust enough to manoeuvre into areas they can deliver this battle winning asset.