the regimental charity


There are many ways you can support the Regimental Charity.

one off donation

  • Donate to us online. Use a credit or debit card to donate a set amount or enter a customer amount yourself. See form on this page to make a donation.
  • Write a cheque in favour of the Regimental Charity. Please contact us at Home Headquarters for more details.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please remember to make a Gift Aid declaration. By doing so you can automatically increase the value of your donation by up to 25%.

regular donation

You can make a regular donation to the charity using our donation service which is powered by the award-winning Donorbox service.

You can make regular contributions on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis and you can log in at any time to change the amount or frequency of which you donate.

You also have the option of setting up a standing order to make regular contributions. To set up a standing order please contact us for more details.

Again, if you are a UK taxpayer please remember to make a Gift Aid declaration to ensure that the value of your donation will be increased by up to 25%.

legacy giving

Gifts (or “legacies”) written in Wills are the lifeblood of the Regimental Charity. By leaving a legacy to the Regimental Charity in your Will you would be making a vital difference to serving and retired members of the Regiment and their families.

Legacies are tax efficient, and any legacy written in your Will in favour of the Regimental Charity will automatically be exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Types of legacies include:
  • A percentage of the value of your estate.
  • A fixed sum of money.
  • Investments such as shares.
  • Personal possessions such as antiques, pictures, and jewellery.

Whether you are updating an existing Will, or you are planning to write your first Will, leaving a legacy to the Regimental Charity is easy to do.

You should always consult a solicitor when planning a Will or updating an existing one. You may have a family solicitor you already use. If not, ask a relative or friend to recommend one.

For further information on how to leave a legacy the Regimental Charity please contact the Regimental Secretary at Home Headquarters.

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