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The Regimental Charity is a registered charity. Its charity number is SC016483, and it is regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (“OSCR”) and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”).

The purpose of the Regimental Charity is to support serving and retired members of the Regiment and their families. It does this by providing financial support and grants. Examples of causes supported by the Regimental Charity include:

  • The families of those killed in action
  • Those wounded on operations, or as a result of illness or accidents
  • Those otherwise in need, hardship, or distress
  • Providing sports equipment to assist Regimental teams
  • Maintenance of Regimental property
  • Supporting Regimental events

The Regimental Charity is run by a Board of Trustees which meets not less than twice a year. The Board of Trustees is assisted by the Regimental Secretary and answers directly to the Colonel of the Regiment, the Commanding Officer and the Regimental Council.

The Regimental Charity supports the Regimental family by many means including debt relief, respite breaks, education, home improvement, mobility assistance and alterations, and financial support.

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There are so many ways, and for so many reasons, that you can help the Regimental Charity.

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