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Introductory Message from The Colonel of the Regiment
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I am humbled to have been asked to take on the role as Colonel of our Regiment, and delighted to have taken over from David Allfrey.

Over 6 years he has been a steady, enthusiastic and positive hand on all aspects of our great Regiment. He has worked ceaselessly to ensure that whilst the serving Regiment grapple with the fast moving global environment we now all live in, the all important enabling and support functions delivered by our wider family elements (HHQ, the Trust, the Association etc) have been assisted to keep delivering their vital functions. I know you will all join me in thanking him, and Fiona his wife, for such selfless service to us all.

Perhaps his greatest legacy is the project to ‘Harness our Network’ and this website is the hub that will start to allow us to become better connected and stronger as a result. I could not encourage you more to steer your comrades to at least have a look at the website and work out how they might use it to stay connected; as you are reading this you will already be ‘in the tent’ but we need not only to keep the tent full, but open for our past and present servicemen to come and go as they feel the need. But most importantly to establish and maintain lifelong connections that will assist us all to be there for each other.

Both Pippa and I very much look forward to meeting as many of you as we can in the coming years. For most of us it will be a reunion, but I am aware that there are plenty of you out there who may not know either of us (or at least feel you don’t). Well now is the time to rectify that, so please be bold and buttonhole me when you see me (or us both if you find us together).

Brigadier Ben Edwards

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