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We are delighted to be welcoming you to the new Royal Scots Dragoon Guards ‘portal’
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Brigadier David Allfrey, MBE, Colonel of the Regiment, welcomes you and introduces 'Harnessing Our Network'.

The adventure to conceive, design and deliver this project -known as Harnessing Our Network - is the result of the work and contribution by many people.  We have consulted across the depth and breadth of our regimental family - serving and retired - and communities beyond, to understand priorities and preferences.  And naturally, we will continue to develop the site as we understand how people choose to make use of it.  Several phases of development are planned.

From birth each of us learns to communicate through watching, listening, speaking, writing and making images and through our body language, posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, dress and behaviour.  Indeed, every behaviour is a form of communication which can showcase and reinforce our manners, values, standards and sense of purpose.

Most organisations have over time developed a host of formal mechanisms for passing information.  In the case of the Armed Services, instructions, guidance and discussion are all available in disciplined forms through the chain of command.  

Increasingly, a rich variety of digital channels are available to all of us to pass voice, text, images and video in every imaginable form through a wide variety of devices.  To make best use of the ever-evolving technology, each of us has needed to master, to some level, the skills and practices of ‘button-pressing’!  

Perhaps though, the best form of communication is still person-to-person, face-to-face, and in reducing personalisation by phone, in letters, on social media and by data.  This site and its signposts have been designed to keep people connected through trusted networks between family, friends and colleagues.  These networks are already efficient as news so often follows the ‘desire lines’ formed around subjects of shared interest.

So, for The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - our Serving Regiment, the Association and veterans (a wide community embracing all who have served with the Regiment and its antecedents, including those from other Arms and Services), all those serving away from the Regiment, our families and relations, our Home Headquarters in Edinburgh Castle, our Charitable Trust and our Museum and Shop - along with anyone interested in us or wanting to get in touch, this portal is designed to be an anchor-point for conversation.  These conversations we hope will be warm, welcoming and sustained.  

This new hub is the start of an ongoing programme of enhancement that will allow us to harness the potential of our wonderful regimental family and its networks to best effect, whether finding out about the Regiment, staying in touch, sharing experiences, finding a long-lost friend or striking up new professional relationships.

If you have suggestions of how the site might be improved, please get in touch with the team through the Regimental Secretary.

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