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Anniversary of The Battle of Nunshigum - 13 April
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The Battle of Nunshigum was one of the most crucial actions during the Burma campaign. In early 1944 the Japanese had taken the high, steep sided Nunshigum Ridge, eight miles north-east of Imphal.

The ridge dominated the area and its recapture was vitally important. On the 13th April a major assault was led by 1st Battalion of the Dogra Regiment supported by B Squadron of the 3rd Carabiniers.

As the 3rd Carabiniers’ tanks neared the summit the enemy emerged from their bunkers and inflicted large casualties on the tank commanders who had been forced to expose their head and shoulders above the turrets to guide drivers up the steep slope.All the officers of the Carabiniers and Dogra became casualties. At this moment Squadron Sergeant-Major Craddock and Subedar Ranbir Singh took command, jointly planned and then launched another attack which force the Japanese from the hilltop. Craddock received the DCM for his action and Nunshigum was awarded to the 3rd Carabiniers as a battle honour. Nunshigum is still commemorated annually when B Squadron lead the parade but without its officers and under the command of its Squadron Sergeant-Major.

   B Squadron, 3rd Carabiniers being inspected on Nunshigum Day, 1971. Brigadier Sloan is accompanied by Squadron Sergeant-Major Tyson

  This Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess photos was taken at Aldershot in 1935. In the back row, centre is (then) Sergeant Craddock.

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